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St. Patrick's Preschool provides learning experiences for spiritual and moral development. Our program provides a large variety of academic experiences in a loving, caring, enjoyable environment. We help preschoolers prepare for a successful transition to Kindergarten.

St. Patrick's Preschool follows the Little Saints daily academic curriculum. Children learn through play, prayer, repetition, routine and a variety of creative experiences, and are encouraged to progress at their own pace.

Learning Centers

Small Motor: Puzzles, peg boards, sorting small blocks, small cars/trucks, trains, small animals, sewing cards.

Creative Expression: Dress-up, housekeeping, woodwork shops (plastic tools), garage/shop, dolls, puppets, dramatic play.

Language Arts: Books, magazines, story cassettes and puppets, language games.

Small Motor/Art/Sensory: Fingerpaints, crayons, markers, easel painting, watercolors, chalk, play dough, scissors, craft materials.

Blocks: Variety of sizes.

Large Motor: Balls, beanbags, large motor toys, group games.

Music/Dance: Instruments, music CD and cassettes.